Oil-G6 TRANSGUARD ATF G6 is formulated with the synthetic base stock to address the multi vehicle needs of a universal Automatic Transmission fluid to fulfill equipments and power shifting tools’ lubrication requirements. Carefully selected friction modifier contained in the TRANSGUARD ATF G6 makes sure the correct friction characteristic for a wide variety of vehicles’ auto transmission needs. Synthetically based and improved thermal-stability, corrosion prevention helps a hassle free, smooth running auto transmissions year around.

TRANSGUARD ATF G6 is suitable for use in Ford Mercon V highest level as well as the General Motors ATF Dexron VI requirements. It also meets Jaso 1A for Japanese vehicle & the Allison C-4 specifications for power shifting usage and many other OEM claims. But it is not recommended for CVT, DCT or Ford Type F applications.

TRANSGUARD ATF G6 exceeds each of the OEMs : Kia, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai and Mitsubishi that require SP III type fluid. Alpha Romeo, Volkswagon, Fiat, Renault and Chevrolet that require Dexron III type fluid for some models.


  • Provides excellent oxidation and thermal stability. Long fluid life and long transmission life.
  • Outstanding antiwear & friction properties, quit operation and smooth shifting.
  • Excellent viscosity stability (high VI), application in a wild variety of Auto Transmission.
  • Much enhanced fluidity at very low temperature and severe high temperature service.

Meets the requirements of:

  • BMW LT 71141
  • Esso LT 71141
  • Ford MERCON® V
  • Volvo Pass Car (4 – 6 sp)
  • Volvo 97341
  • VW G 055 025
  • Mercedes Benz 236.9
  • Mercedes Benz 236.10
  • Mercedes Benz 236.11
  • Nissan Matic-D
  • Nissan Matic-J
  • Nissan Matic-K
  • Nissan Matic-S
  • Toyota T-III
  • Toyota T-IV
  • Toyota T-WS (JWS 3324)
  • Hyundai / Kia SP-III
  • Hyundai / Kia SP-IV
  • Hyundai / Kia SPH-IV
  • Honda ATF-Z1
  • Mazda ATF-MV
  • Subaru ATF-HP
  • Suzuki 3317
  • Isuzu Besco ATF-II/III
  • Mitsubishi SP-III
  • ZF TE-ML